Dear readers, there’s news. Unfortunately, not so good news, as most of you will probably think. I will slow down a bit with my activities on the site, well, slow down the rates of publications here on the page. I had to learn that that in order to upload a new page, the  preparation, translation, selecting music, that all this takes a lot of time. Time, of which I have too little anyway, because I earn my living with commercial work next to the work on the comic. What is left, I use for my project here, but most of it goed don on updating the site, whereas I actually would like to draw new pages. The second chapter ends here with this page to the end and at the same time I drew recently the last page of the third chapter. Counting 316 pages in total so far. Still, the third chapter has yet to get an intro, and unfortunately that is not finished. So I will even take a (small) break to be be able to build me a small buffer for the future. So, to cut a long story short: from now on will there will only be one page per week, on Mondays and Thursdays, the original German version on mondays, then the English translation on thursday.

I hope you’re not too disappointed, and hope at the same time that you assent, because as I hear from many people, you’re also very interested in seeing the whole epic one day being available as a book. And that’s what I’m going to work for more intensively now. Thank you for your understanding, for your support and comments. Of course, you are still encouraged to give your two cents. And also to vent your anger if necessary. Keep the faith.

Timi Yuro : It’ll Never Be Over For Me