In the meantime I feel like I’m back on earth again. At night I sleep like a stone, the house could fall apart without me noticing I guess. Heavy traffic on facebook, everybody’s posting their photos and stories, which makes working not so easy.

The fair was just great, such a nice atmosphere, the Comic Clash was the official highlight, end evreybody appreciated it as one great new invention. We made it with Herrensahne to the fourth rank, which we’re happy about, having beaten a lot of the almost twenty combatants.

I did a lot of propaganda for my little project, leanring that it is very well known within the scene already. My most heard question was: And? When will it be finished? I always answered: hopefully within the next two years. I will really push myself to make that happen. Page 145 is online now, I just finshed drawing page 285, that makes about 150 pages still waiting. But it#s not just drawing apges, as you can imagine, it’s also the script, storyboard, colouring, overworking the colouring, letteing, translation etc. But I’ll do my best. And of course you can help me: kick my butt! Push me! I need it…

If you change the page to German you’ll find some more impressions of Erlangen. See you next monday.



The Ethiopians – I’m Gonna Take Over Now