Here’s a little excerpt from Wikipedia about the ‘Third Wave’, the Ska Revival in the late Eighties:

“By the late 1980s, ska had experienced a minor resurgence of popularity in Britain, propelled by bands such as The Burial, The Hotknives and Potato 5, and the re-emergence of the traditional skinhead subculture, ska music festivals, and ska-friendly record labels such as Unicorn Records.[20][21][22][23][24]

The early 1980s saw a massive international surge in ska’s popularity, particularly in Europe. Germany proved to be one of the more notable countries, producing a large number of ska bands, record labels and festivals.[21][25] Notable German ska bands included Skaos, Blechreiz and The Busters. Other prominent bands from Europe’s late-1980s/early-1990s ska boom include Mr. Review and Mark Foggo’s Skasters from Amsterdam, and Skarface from France.”

El Bosso und die Ping Pongs – Immer nur Ska