Welcome to ‘Fahrradmod’, my autobiographical comic about my youth in a small town and the local Modscene. Since 2007 I have been working on this ever-growing project, which will probably contain in its complete form up to 400 pages. Because it takes so much time until the book is done and out, I have decided in agreement with my publisher to publish the pages in advance on the web. That makes the waiting not so boring for you guys and keeps me going at the same time. There were always times when the work was set on hold due to my daily business, the illustration, the family or lack of enthusiasm. But the constant friendly questions of my readers always dragged me back to the drawing board. And I am very grateful for that. Because nobody wants to hold this book more in his hands than me. So thanks for your praise and your criticism in the past, and thanks for all your positive and negative feedback in the future. I hope you make use of the comment feature, which helps me a lot.

And while I’m at thank: my special gratitude goes to  some very important people. Carsten Dörr, who helps me so selflessly with the coloring. Then Sander Falise, who is responsible for programming the page. Piwi and Stefan Dinter, my publishers from Zwerchfell, for believing from the start in this project. And most of all to my family, for your incredible patience.