The father of the Wainwright household was an Apple salesman, therefore I was able to test these great machines at a young age already. I loved it. I wonder how they’re doning these days, one of theirs sons came for a visiti to us once, but I haven’t heard from them ever since. Maybe I scared them off with the filthy comics I drew at that time. puberty! They were really nice people actually.

The great Raf Müller-Rode did it again! After his great Mod-Portrait-Banner he is busy with his nex project Soul Heads. At first it was ‘only’ about a great number of portraits of visitors of a Soulnighter, but lately he photographed very skilled Northern Soul dancers portraying their skills and flexibility. Until now you can see these pictures only on facebook, but I can’t wait to see them bigger. That guy is really busy building a monument for himself and our little scene.

Keep on keeping on, Ralf!

Junior Wells – Cut My Toe Nail