It was nice at the Comic Action in Essen, even if it was only for a short while. Sperrbezirk has sold fine, and anyway it was great, to meet some faces of the comic world, who had not been in Frankfurt.

As convenient and easy the internet makes things today, it is my opinion, in large part responsible for the fact that many subcultures are slowly disappearing from the street scene. In my times, you really had to work and investigate to get to know all the insider information and details, and because it needed so much effort, you would not let it drop so quickly. Today you get everything you need on a silver platter, you enter a few search terms on Google, and bang- all the insider information right in you hands, the rarest recordings can be found on Youtube, and your clothes you can easily orderin stylish online shops. Over Facebook you can even befriend Original Faces of Barnes’ book Mods’. Of course I appreciate all this today, but hold it also for a reason that there are only few new mods today. The magic of the secret society is gone. What do you think?

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