It doesn’t take long anymore, and I’ll be heading to Frankfurt for the big book fair. I’ll leave on Thursday and on Saturday, the big Sondermann Awards will be celebrated. Sturday at 10 am there will be an interview with me and my colleagues Daivd Füleki and Dagmar Gosejacob, after that there will be a signing session and around 3 pm the winners will be announced. I’m quite excited, wish me luck.

I’ll be also attending the ‘Come Together’ of the  Illustrators Organization, on friday I’ll be strolling over the fair, I’ll guess you can meet me at the Comiczentrum (hall 3.0) , the Illustrator’s Stage (halle 4.1) and at the booth of the IO, friday evening I guess I’ll be at the Party of the small press in the ‘Sinkkasten’-club. Hope to meet you somewhere there.

The Jam- Dreams of Children