Hi there, the awards keep me busy, everyday something new is happening, but of course I am very pleased the whole fuss. Yesterday appeared special supplements on the topic in two german newspapers, one of those articles you find here (if you’re able to read German).

The voting will of course continue. Have you already voted? If not, here are the links again:



and Zack.

Incidentally, you can vote on all three channels, not just one.

So, now, finally getting back to the original subject: the new page. This one here cost me sleepless nights, I heard from some readers that they do not understand what’s happening, but I felt it important to show the scene where the girl gets the door in the face, just the way this was feeling for me back then. I also didn’t understand what’s happening, I only heard a bang and saw the woman stagger back. What do you think about it?

The Roamin Togas – Bar The Door