The update comes a bit late today, because there are big news: at last it is official, Fahrradmod has succeeded thanks to your votes in entering the finals of the Sondermann Webcomic Awards. I’m really happy about it and would like to thank you all for your support. In mid-October the ceremony will take place in Frankfurt at the Book Fair.

Until 19 September you can still vote for me and my contestants for the first place on the following channels:

the comic forum

at Splash Comics

and Animexx.

This coming Wednesday, 31.8. the Frankfurter Rundschau and the comic magazine Zack will both publish a special insert, which you can alos use to vote. But do not worry, the big voting marathon is now over, at each portal you can only vote once in total.

At the book fair there will be also a print of artwork by all three finalists. Here is my contribution to it:
So now, let’s put an end to all this advertising, well not exactly. In tribute to the the current page, here’s the original Ford-Taunus-advertising from 1974 with the peppy music by Christian Bruhn.