A lot of news today:

Every year at the Frankfurt book fair the ‘Sondermann Award’ is handed out, dedicated to upcoming talents in the comicbook scene. But since a few years there’s also the ‘Web-Sondermann’ for the best ‘Webcomic’.

The votes for this one run over webcomic-community Mycomics.de, where to apply for the award and a jury then chooses the top ten entrants. Then, users of the Mycomics community agree over these ten, the top three go to Frankfurt, and there the final winner is announced.

So what does this have to do with the Fahrradmod? I’ve also applied for it and I now know that I am among the top ten. So I am nominated and can be voted for since Monday. And of course I’m quite happy about it!

Of course I’ll do everything I can to get as much attention as possible for the Fahrradmod, so here’s my obligatory plea to you: ‘Vote for me! ‘ (just click on the orange filed next to my name).

To do so, you have to register to Mycomics.de (do not worry, you need not fear that you will be fired with comic spam), and then you can put in your vote once a week until 25 July. That means three times altogether.  I would really appreciate it.

And if you spread the word to your true and facebook friends, it helps me even more. It helps me anyway. Thank you ever so much.