Hello together, I’m back from Munich. Great it was,  four days packed with excitement and hanging out with the crazy bunch from my publisher. By day, I sat at the booth and signed my ‘Sperrbezirk‘ for the many customers (thanks!) or stroll over the fair and grab some other fine books from other great publishers. In the evening, we put our stomachs to the test with the biggest Schnitzel they had ever experienced, and then literarly roll to exhibition openings and award ceremonies. The whole event was therefore more than successful.

I am particularly pleased that Zwerchfell won the large Icom award for the best independent comic 2011 for their ongoing zombie-series “The Dead”. Really a very nice concept that deserved to win, I think. In addition, two other artists from the Zwerchfell-crew have received honorable mentions, Eckart Breitschuh and Aike Arndt.

And Sarah Burrini went for the big package, not only did she sell her book in big numbers, but then also won the ‘Peng”-prize for the best online publication.

I met many new people, had lots of nice conversations and got a lot of positive feedback. Thank you for that. Keeps me going.

Now I’m gonna try to reconstitute myself in real life. I’ll start with my full mailbox…