So now you know finally, where the name Fahrradmod (bicycle mod) comes from 😉

I’m back from Frankfurt. And now you probably want to know about the results for the Sondermann Web Awards: I  was second, no chance to get to one, as this rank was reserved for David Füleki, no chance against his manga fanbase. But the guy  deserves this, a very nice, bustling boy, whose output is strong. Wish I’d be that fast, then you wouldn’t have to wait so long for the book. Here is his entry. The morning before the awards ceremony there was a little interview, during which we and our projects were presented to the public, and we’ve answered a few questions. Here is a first photo of the interview round. And here’s one from me, while I’m wondering how to answer the question what mods actually are.

Now I want to thank you again with all my my heart for all your support that has brought me this far. You are the greatest! Thanks a million!

But now I’m also a bit happy that the whole thing is over, so that I can focus again on the real thing: drawing new comic pages.

The Satans – Makin’ Deals