Last weekend was great fun again: a very nice live-reading in Cologne, the King Georg club was packed and I heard a lot of kind words afterwards. And signed so many books again. If you come to Cologne, go there, it’s a club from the late sixties, that’s still in the original shape. Also thanks to the crew of the Freedom Sounds Festival for inviting me. The festival takes place this weekend at the Gebäude 9. Go there! And also thanks to Andi for his great records, that kept us dancing all night.
Oberhausen the next day was also great. That happened in an old cinema and I got backed up by the very nice Mattes who runs the blog Dein and invited I was by Jörg from the Comic Centrum Oberhausen. Please visit both places, if you’re near Oberhausen or near a computer. And Gerd Baum’s Soulnighter in Düsseldorf was the icing on the cake of a fanatstic weekend.
This weekend I am at the Stadtbibliothek in Bonn. See you there.
Nicht vergessen, nächste Woche bin ich in in der Stadtbibliothek. Kommt rum!

Here are some pictures.

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Some words about this page: it happened last week that I had to get rid of my last surviving Kuschelmods-T-Shirt. As you can see, all hope was gone. Those were great, we did three of those weekenders, one in Wesel, two in Düsseldorf. But more about that next week.


And oh yes, I got my copy of the third run of my book last week. Pretty crazy!!

Drafi Deutscher – Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht