This is one of the pages that I exaggerated a little dramatically. I don’t know the details about what happened during the end of that evening, I only know that (quote): “they celebrated with the blood-soaked shirt”. Like I said, I wasn’t there, and only heard what had happened. Still it was important to me to illustrate the brutality and cold-bloodedness of those guys. Tim almost died that night. Because he was quite drunk, his cuts were so deep, which lead to a critical loss of blood. That the wrongdoers didn’t show any signs of remorse afterwards, and on the contrary celebrated what they did, needed a strong image imho. eEven if it didn’t happen exactly like I drew it.
So far my little disgression about autobiographical fiction and dramaturgy.

Bu there was also some good news this week. I was nominated for yet another award, the “Goldener Gartenzwerg”, the comic awrad of the lovely little Comic festival of Leipzig. This is the very kind statement for my nomination. Have a good weekend.

The Love Me Nots: Broken