Welcome to my project ‘Getting Grand – Memories of a Smalltown Mod’, a graphic novel about my youth within the modscene of a small town in Germany in the eighties and nineties.

In this story I try to deal with the question why one stays more than twenty years adhered to a movement that was once actually meant for teenagers,  but though growing up lost none of its fascination (to me). A story about the eighties and nineties, about life in the small town, about friendship and one’s own place.  About home.

The story in its whole will contain about 400 pages, divided in four chapters, each focussing  generally on one element of the big sixties scene:  Mod, Skinhead, Scooterist and Neo-Mod. Apart from the autobiographical stuff there will be intros to the chapters, portraying these four scenes.

In June 2011 I designed a website for the project under the adress www.smalltownmod.com where I put up updates every monday and thursday. If all goes well there will be a book (in German) in 2013, when the work is hopefully completed. Still looking for a publisher in English.

You can start the story here. Hope you’ll like it. And please, let me know what you think of it.

Cheers, Tobi