Looking forward to the upcoming weeks. I’m busy preparing the exhibitions for the Comic Salon in Erlangen, the biggest comic-related festival in Germany. ANd for my very own exhibition in Wesel, starting on the 18th of june in the big gallery beneath the library. After the vernissage there will be nighter hosted by Michael Wink and Annie O’Seven at the Baby Doll, Wesel’s coolest club. But first there will be another reading tour during the next two weekends. But there’s also Gerd Baum’s Northern Soul-Nighter coming up, at the KIT in Düsseldorf. Busy days.
It’s a long time that I want to tell you about this: You probably know that I combine each new page with a particular song or track that I think fits to it. Now it’s about time to let you know that the great Florian Weinknecht took a lot of time and effort to compile a list with ALL those songs. Some links might not work any more, but still, you get a playlist with over 300 sings in it. I hope you enjoy this. Should make your working or evening hours a little easier. Thanks a lot to Florian once again, this is so great! It’s still work in progress, and some of the songs, especially in the beginning I have to review, but still, I’m very happy with this. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrnjUnuTpipLsCIDFPJqptW8XINCcZqVV

Lee Dorsey – Yes, we can